Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mission Recovery - Part 5

Hahaha, this is so cool.
We're arriving on Kamino tomorrow. Noel is safe, and has come around, Sprok managed to do the mindmelt thing.

We Commandos found Fluke's drink supply and it’s been fun. We've been singing a lot of songs:


99 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall 99 Bottles of Brew, take one down, pass it around, 98 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall.
98 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall 98 Bottles of Brew, take one down, pass it around, 97 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall.
97 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall 97 Bottles of Brew, take one down, pass it around, 96 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall.
96 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall 96 Bottles of Brew, take one down, pass it around, 95 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall.
95 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall 95 Bottles of Brew, take one down, pass it around, 94 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall.
94 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall 94 Bottles of Brew, take one down, pass it around, 93 Bottles of McDooku's Brew on the wall.


The accelerator on the space ship goes up and down, up and down, the accelerator on the ship goes up and down, all through the galaxy!
The communicator on the space ship goes on and off, on and off, the communicator on the ship goes on and off, all through the galaxy!
The airlock on the space ship goes open and close, open and close; the airlock on the ship goes open and close, all through the galaxy!
The chair on the space ship goes up and down, up and down, the chair on the ship goes up and down, all through the galaxy!


We also played some games:

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter S"
"Space ship"
"I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter C"
"No, where's a candle?"


"Two words!"
"First word!"
"Second word!"
"You? Why do you want to be cloned?"
"Clone Commando!"


I should focus on piloting now; we're coming up to a school zone.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mission Recovery - Part 4

It is the day of the mission, the day to save Noel. Did we save her?

We started out in rough shape from last night - we were tired and bruised. Worst was Fluke, from what he said I gathered that he needed to pull off some fancy moves to evade the guards last night. We worked out way up to the building in the dusk, the guards couldn't see us: it was too dark.

Once inside we walked along the corridors looking for the medical section. A small Geonosian walked out of the door to our right.

Rage: Where’s the medical centre?
Geonosian: I don’t speak Basic!
Bang: WHAT? You don’t speak Basic, yet you just spoke in Basic? I don’t believe this guy. [Bangs slams his fist into the wall]

The Geonosian went from looked shocked, to horrified in a split second. Then they ran, we followed them hoping that that they would lead us to the medical centre. They ran into a room and slammed the door behind them. Bang walked up to the door and kicked it down, inside a family was rapidly exchanging words, I had a funny feeling that those words were about us.

Rage: Where is the medial centre?
Eldest Geonosian: We’d rather die then tell you!
Bang: What about them? [Points his rifle at the small Geonosian]
Eldest Geonosian: Ok, ok, I’ll talk! Take the first corridor on your right, continue along it past 11 doors on your right, turn left, go forward 4 doors, and turn right, the medical centre will be in front of you.
Fluke: Could we have that on a map?
Eldest Geonosian: Sure. [Hands Fluke a map of the building and draws the route on it]
Rage: We’ll be going now. Have a nice day.

We ran down the corridor as quietly as a group of five military professionals can, we followed the directions and sure enough in front of us was the medical centre.

Fluke: We’re here to see Noel, the doctors sent us.
Receptionist: Ok, [types something] right this way!

She led the way to Noel’s room.

Rage: Thank you, that will be all. Now go and act like nothing will happen here.

Target grabbed the motionless body and threw it over his shoulder. We ran out the door and back along the path that we had taken to the medical centre; we left the map on the bed.

Fluke: This way!
Rage: No, it’s this way!
Fluke: You’re wrong dude; it’s most certainly this way!

Out of a door came a human, Count Dooku.

Dooku: Well hello, old chaps. Care for a drop of tea?
Fluke (aside to Rage): I’ll distract him, you go on ahead, I’ll find you when I get out.
Fluke: Sure I’ll come for tea.

They walked over to a table in a reception area ahead, sat down and started talking like old friends. We turned and ran.

We hit trouble, guards were pouring out of the side of the corridor.
Rage: Keep moving Target! Bang, protect Target!
Bang: Yes Sir!
Target: Yes Mon!
Laser bolts were flying in all directions.
Rage: Move! Move! Move!
A bolt hit Bang in the foot but he still ploughed on as if nothing had hit him.
Rage: Come on men! We can make it!
I activated my tracking beacon so that Sparky would see our position and change the plan accordingly.

We blasted our way through the guards and emerged in a giant circle of sand. There were a few pillars in the flat sand, but other than that there was no cover. It was an arena; there were thousands of Geonosians in the stands. It was an execution: a figure was being chained to a pillar. We ran to the pillar seeking shelter.

Holg: You’ve rescued Noel! Thank you!
Rage: You know her?
Holg: Yes I do! She’s my friend and my master!
Rage: Ok, you’re coming with us!

With that said I blasted the chain tying him to the pillar apart. A few moments latter a giant Reek was let loose into the arena, at that same time the Gunship dropped from the sky and landed behind us.
Bang: Everybody get onboard, I’ll deal with the Reek!
Rage: No Soldier we can escape this!
He ran towards the Reek, pulling out a remote as he went.


The Gunship left the ground as we were left staring at the remains of a soldier and monster splattered around the crater that the blast had created.

Sparky: Where are the good Sir Fluke and silent Sir Sprok?
Rage: Down there somewhere! Continue looking for them they should emerge soon.
About five minutes latter they emerged. The Gunship flew over and let them board.

We were successful.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mission: Recovery - Part 3

To put it bluntly, we got nowhere close to rescuing Noel. At night the lights were too bright and it was too light during the day. We had one thing to do before attempting to rescue Noel: cut the power.

We decided that we would strike where the power was created for the facility where Noel is being held, this was the generator. Like all our previous actions with Fluke we had a good talk beforehand:

Rage: Ok, Fluke, you know what you have to do?
Fluke: Yes! I take Sprok and we enter the building from the South, evading the guards, not being seen, heard or detected in any other way. When we reach the generator Sprok will tamper with it so that it will stop working for an undetectable cause half an hour after we leave the building.
Rage: Yes, meanwhile Alpha Squad and I will enter from the North, killing all the guards, causing a diversion for you, and moving into the generator control room where we will proceed to fake a problem there to take the attention off the generator itself and place the blame on the programming.
Fluke: I tell you it won't happen like that.
Rage: Well you can hope that it happens like that or you'll find it hard to reach the generator and the time wasted.

As arranged we approached from the North. We had left Fluke and Sprok at our camp taking only what we needed: for us a rifle each; for Fluke and Sprok, one rifle and a tool box from their ship. We spotted the guards walking around on their regular patrol. Suddenly one dropped down, and then another, then the last member of the patrol died, after yelling something in an unrecognisable language.

The place lit up like a club on Coruscant, and sounded like one too. There were lights everywhere and a loud siren with directions being yelled overtop of it. Perfect! The guards started pouring out of all buildings. Then they too dropped to the ground, unfortunately they seemed to guess what had happened and were not dropping to the ground dead, but were drawing out their weapons and firing out into the dark. I risked a few words into my COM Link “Hide and retreat”. This actually meant “hide and proceed forward when clear”, here we were hoping for the enemy to scan all transmissions and pick this up.

It worked all to well. They started running in all directions, fanning out searching for anyone in front of them, but we were behind them. We quickly dispatched the few that had stayed behind, and then entered the complex.

Rage: Sparky, alter the system to make it look like a fault with the generator. Target stand at the door and tell me if you see someone coming.
Sparky: Yes Sir!
Target: Ok Mon!
A few minutes latter
Sparky: Done old chap, and it is an absolutely smashing job if I do say so myself, they’ll have a jolly good time fixing it I can assure you.
Rage: Ok, move out men!

We fled out side and into the night. We arrived back at camp and waited for Fluke and Sprok to return. It looked like we were successful.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Mission: Recovery - Part 2

We finally arrived on Geonosis in the early hours to find a disgruntled Fluke and calm Sprok:
Rage: Wake up Fluke we have work to do.
Fluke: What’s the time?
Rage: Four thirty.
Wow, I didn't know that important people like to sleep in.

While he slept we went out and scouted the area.

When we returned Fluke was his usual self:
Fluke: Where were you?
Rage: We went out to scout the area and find the settlement where Noel is being kept.
Fluke: Why didn't you wake me?
Target: We did mon! Ba you refused to rise to da call o duty.
Fluke: When was this?
Target: It be at four thirty mon.
Bang: Sleep time?
Fluke: YES! How'd you know?
Rage: Wait everyone; we are here to save Noel so let's save Noel!
Fluke: Ok. Lead us to the settlement and we can figure out something to do there.

We arrived on the outskirts of the settlement with the sun directly over our heads.

Rage: Fluke, Have you had ant ideas yet?
Fluke: I'll have one, just wait for it.
5 minutes latter:
Rage: What about now?
Fluke: Give me a bit of space dude.
Sparky: Say old chaps, shouldn't we be hiding now? It appears that a patrol of natives are coming our way.
Rage: Everyone hide!

After the patrol had gone we had our idea for rescuing Noel:
We would run in take Noel and run back out where Sparky would be waiting with the Gunship to carry us away.

Tomorrow we will see if this works.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mission: Recovery

Mission Codename: Recovery
Location: Geonosis
Squad Members: Rage, Target, Bang, Sparky, Fluke, Sprok, Chad
Weapons: 4 DC-17m Blaster Rifles, 2 Thermal Detonators, whatever Fluke and Sprok have, DC-15A Blaster Rifle (Chad's weapon)
Vehicles: Republic Attack Gunship, Theta-class T2c Shuttle, Fluke's vehicle(s)

We found Fluke this morning standing by his ship:

: Who's this here? Are you the talked about Rage?
Rage: Yes I am. I presume you are Special Agent Fluke?
Fluke: What? Me? A "Special Agent"? No. But I am Fluke Starbucker.
Bang: Oh great, just great, first no holiday and then they guy whose meant to be an important person turns out to be unimportant!
Fluke: Just wait a darn tooting minute, who are you calling unimportant?
Rage: Please Mr Starbucker, calm down and ignore Bang *whisper* he doesn't like working in groups.
Bang: Hey! I heard that!
Rage: Anyway, let’s get off this planet. I presume that you're all ready to leave? Ok, let's go.
Fluke: Call me Fluke dude. Mr Starbucker is too formal.

We arrived on Geonosis with great caution.

Rage: Now we wait for Fluke
[COM link starts to beep]
Rage: Hello Fluke. Where are you?
Fluke: Where am I? I'm on Geonosis! Where are YOU?
Rage: But I'm on Geono....

I looked out of the window only to find my self in the middle of some ocean with little holiday islands dotted about the blue mass.

Rage: Sparky, where are we?
Sparky: Why? We're on Geonosis old chap.
Rage: No we most certainly are not!
Sparky: Hold on a mo.

After checking our co-ordinates Sparky returns.

Sparky: Well thats just marvellous! It seems that our flight path was changed before launch. The computers recorded it as the work of Bang.
Rage: BANG!
Bang: Yes Sir!
Rage: Why did you reset the flight path?
Bang: We deserve a break!
Rage: No we need to do our mission!
Bang: Well I need my break.
Rage: Sparky, reset the flight path for Geonosis!

It looks like we'll arrive early tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Pulling Out and a New Mission

Communications have been out for the past week as we have been searching for General Grievous, as we don't know what type of weaponry/machines that he has. However, we have found nothing. Grievous appears to have caused no noticeable or significant incidents at all on Coruscant, all that has happened is that a local has been picked on by a local gang for fly-bys and the like.

On Saturday Night a Clone found us at base as we were returning our weapons to our lockers and preparing for our holiday:

Clone: Commando Rage, Sir!
Rage: Yes soldier?
Clone: You and Alpha Squad are to report to briefing room 7 in 20 minutes.
Bang: What! They can't be serious! I'll have them in front of the courts for this!
Sparky: Not again, they did this last month!
Rage: Come on men; let’s get this over and done with.

We took my speeder from the barracks to the office blocks about a kilometre away and entered briefing room 7:

Major Blast: Rage, Alpha Squad! I'm glad that you came.
Bang: What is it this time Sir? Cat up a tree? Blocked toilet? Broken windo...
Target: Calm down mon! Let da Major speak.
Major Blast: Thank you Target. Just over 10 hours ago we received a S.O.S from a ship on Kamino. It was Clone trooper Chad requesting help for a friend of his who is held captive on Geonosis. This may well be the chance we have been looking for to push that attack on the planet. We need her alive to report to us what has happened to her.
Rage: So we're to go to Geonosis and rescue her?
Major Blast: Yes and no. You are to meet up with Special Agent Fluke and his associate on Kamino and proceed to Geonosis where you will infiltrate the base and escape with Noel and her droid at all costs.
Bang: Why us?
Major Blast: This is very important. If we get Senate approval to attack Geonosis we can decrease the Separatist’s supply of droids.
Rage: Roger Sir! We'll be departing now!
Major Blast: Hold up, Rage. You are to meet Fluke in four days. This is what he and his associate looks like:

We left after that and arrived to Kamino 2 days ago. We've been helping train some troops before our rendezvous with Fluke.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Mission: Security

We have been keeping up our patrol for the last couple of days and came across one peculiar site early this morning. This is the report I have written up on it:

Location: Lower Levels, Coruscant
Building Type: Bar/Club
Deaths/Injuries: Bartender (Unidentified) - Dead
Found by: Bang (Alpha Squad)

The first irregularity that Bang noticed was the lack of people near the site mentioned. After calling the rest of Alpha Squad we proceeded into the establishment. It looks like a fight broke out at one end of the bar and continued through the bar and into the club area. The are numerous blast marks on the walls and furniture as well as some weird scorch lines along the floor. The bartender seems to have died from either a powerful laser blast or lightsaber.

Conclusion: Either General Grievous, a member of the Jedi Order or a Sith Lord conducted this murder. Witnesses were not able to be found.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mission: Security

Mission Codename: Security
Location: Lower Level, Coruscant
Squad Members: Rage, Target, Bang, Sparky
Weapons: 4 DC-17m Blaster Rifles, 2 Thermal Detonators
Vehicles: None

This is the mission I was on when I discovered this way to preserve my memories. Its not that important, or secret, but we were promised a more exciting mission if we complete this to a satisfactory level.

We have been ordered down to the Lower Levels to exterminate some of the criminals living down here. We'll be stationed here for another week then we pull out and relax for a while.

We've also seen the reports that General Grievous is here somewhere - I think we should try and avoid him but Bang wants to find him and kill him.

Ok time to start patrolling.

Rage Out!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Vehicles - Part 2

Some more vehciles that we ride in/use:

Republic Attack Gunship
The best anti-air and anti-ground ship that the republic has. This ship is one of the reasons that we are winning the war. It carries troops, attack aircraft, attacks ground trroops. Simply: it is the best aircraft available.

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
This huge walker is the fear of every enemy - it is heavily armored and has huge weaponary capablities destroying all in its path.

Self Propelled Heavy Artillery - Turbolaser
This behemoth of a vehicle is simply a giant turret. However Instead of rotating this building turns on its 12 legs to face its target - it specialises in ground to ground and ground to air attacks.

Republic Assault Gunboat
This guboat is really only a patrol craft with a difference - it is equipped with antipersonnel blasters and anti-vehicle laser cannons.

These are the defenders of space for the Republic. Three troopers (or Commandos) are required to fly it -one flying it, another operating the laser cannons, and a tailgunner to operate the rear-facing cannon.

An thats all the vehicle which we can use if we want.

Rage Out!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Vehicles - Part 1

We in Alpha Squad have many vehicles in which we ride around in and destroy things with:

Clone Turbo Tank
This Tank is one gate crasher of a tank dealing alot of damage and taking little in return, perfect for transporting my squad into and out of battle

All Terrain Attack Pod
Not used too much by my squad this is a favourite for long distance assaults

All Terrain Open Tansport
Although you can be killed from above when the enemy is below this beast can transport many people to their location to destroy the enemy

All Terrain Recon Transport
This vehicle is particularly useful for my squad when we are sent to scout areas for a tactical advantage

BARC Speeder
This is our predered mode of transportation as it is quick, small and powerful making entries and escapes possible with surprising ease.

These are some of our vehicles that we can use.

Rage signing off!

Saturday, September 03, 2005


My squad has been given clearance to use many weapons but we only need these four to do our job:
DC-17m Blaster Rifle - Our standard do-everything weapon. We can use it as a blaster rifle with 300 rounds, we can use it as a sniper rife with 20 shots, or an anti-armor grenade launcher with 4 shots.
DH-17 Blaster Pistol - Though out matched by the DC-17m blaster rifle this pistol is superior on board space ships where blaster fire could kill you.

Thermal Detonator - Our demolition weapon of choice, it is small and dedly. What could be better.Detonation Pack - Very useful for when we need high powered explosive

Those are all the weapons we use and all we need.

Friday, September 02, 2005

About Me


Name: Commando 01487
Nickname: Rage
Age: 20 (Although I am actually 10)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 1.83 Meters
Home Planet: Kamino


Name: Alpha Squad
Location: Lower Levels, Coruscant

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Hello I'm Commando 01487 of the Elite Special Forces division of the grand Republic Army.

I am currently on assignment on Coruscant searching for a group of brownie smugglers that are rumoured to be in the area.

At the moment I can not reveal anything else about me or my squar until this location is secured.