Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Interviews and Crazy Goings On

Today, after being bored to sleep many times in meetings and tactical discussion groups, I received the taped interviews from Sparky for the replacement of Bang.

Most of the applicants were completely useless, they thought blowing themselves up by chucking the pin instead of the grenade and luckily surviving made them a Demolitions expert.

However there was one applicant who was better than the rest, this was actually quite easy to do, but he was far ahead of the others, his name was Boom. Boom had served in the battle on Geonosis at the beginning of the war and had been promoted because of it. This was no the most remarkable thing about him, he had been trained as a normal soldier, unlike the rest of Alpha Squad who were trained specially in their fields.

After many questions, and a photograph, he was selected and added to Alpha Squad.

On another, different note, there have been many rumour about a high ranking official in the Republic Army leaking information to General Grievous.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Extra Extra - Part Two

Continued from General Grievous's blog.

[Image fades and is replaced by a brightly lit room in which the Prime Minister of Kamino, Lama Su, is seated.]

"Lama Su, what are your opinions on this crisis?"
"We should all sit down and discuss this peacefully, we don't want war, we just want to live peacefully"
"But you're creating clones for the war?"
"Beggars can't be choosers man, just sit down and relax, let the atmosphere give you new dreams and revive your inner being."
"Ok ... that was the Prime Minister of Kamino"

[Image is replaced by the Republic Command Centre and an important soldier sitting at a panel of lights]

"Major Rage, how are you planning on surviving this blockade?"
"The CIS have blockaded the planet, not the city, we'll still be able to find food and water, we will live, and we will most certainly fight back!"
"So what is the biggest problem for the Republic?"
"There is so many troops here on Kamino, it will be hard to protect the other planets, but I can assure you that it can and will be done, the only people who may suffer are the reporters."
"Uhhhh... yes, thank you Major for your kind and inspiring words."

"As you saw the Republic is looking stronger than the CIS, this is based on the fact that there were two Republic representatives that we talked to. Back to you Rod."

"Thank you John, that was the latest from Kamino, tune in next hour for more ground breaking news."

"Are we off the air?"

"Hey Rod, I want off this planet, I don't like that Major."

"Ummm, about that, we couldn't secure media passes for the blockade, the Station can't afford it."

[Screen blackens quickly]

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Meeting with a not so friendly General

Over the last few days, I've been getting my men to send transmissions to General Grievous to try and arrange the withdrawal of his Droids. Last night I tried myself.

"General Grievous, answer if you can hear this...."
Apparently he did this to the other messages.
"General Grievous, pick up the receiver, I know you're there, I can see that the light's on."
The light then turned off.
"General Grievous, just answer, I wish to discuss possible peace treaties."

Finally he answered; while we were talking I sent him the location of a deserted outpost in the middle of the sea.
"General Grievous speaking *cough*"
"This is Major Rage of the Republic Army; I wish to discuss the withdrawal of the CIS from Kamino."
"Go on..."
"Meet me at the deserted outpost alone at noon."
He didn't answer, so I took it that it was a yes.

I was at the outpost at 11:30, Target and Sparky refused to let me go alone, so they were hiding when the General arrived. Sparky was behind a broken crane and Target was in a dumpster.

At noon the he arrived.
"Major Rage?"
"Thank you for coming, General Grievous. I hope you don't mind but for added security I have brought be Squad member Sparky and Target."
I signalled for them to appear, and appeared they did.
"You can put those away, General, we are unarmed."
"Then why do you have a blaster pistol in your holster?"
"For protection. now on to business. We want you to leave this planet, and we want you to leave now."
Actually I forgot I had it there.
"What will you give me?"
"Absolutely nothing, except a free and untracked escape."
"Well isn't that a nice little deal for you, I leave, you win, and you don't lose anything."
"Then I'm afraid if will come down to force, and you will lose, us Clones are far superior to your Droids!"

I'm afraid he was angry with that statement, possibly because he's part Droid himself, who knows! Anyway, he ignited his lightsabers and advanced towards us, luckily I had my blaster pistol; it slowed him down enough for Sparky and Target to run to the ship while I rapidly backed towards it.

Sparky drew out a Thermal Detonator and Target had found his Sniper Rifle, I think the General's life expectancy just halted. Of course he ran. who wouldn't, he might have be able to deflect the Sniper's blast, but he wouldn't have survived the Detonator's explosion.

Sparky threw the Detonator, I have to say he isn't made for demolitions, he didn't throw it far enough, Grievous was thrown forwards just as Target fired. I think he was hit in the arm or chest.

Grievous managed to get to his ship and take off, we were hurriedly fleeing as well; he might have had a few ships ready to attack us at his notice, who knows. We arrived back at the base safely, hopefully we put the General out of commission for at least a week.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I've been to 'ill and Back

Yes, such an unfortunate thing happened as we were on our way to Kamino; I fell sick. I was taken to the nearest medical centre on Kamino when we landed and had to be restrained to stop me leaving. Those people sure are stronger than they look.

The battle is going well more and more Clone Troopers are arriving to reinforce the numbers already here. It is being organised by Target and Sparky until now...

I'm all better now, and so I should be after two weeks, if I wasn't I would be telling those Doctors to go back to medical school for another few years!!

On my way back I saw the most peculiar sight: a McDooku's here on Kamino! I thought Dooku knew about the diets of Troopers: strictly only prescribed food!