Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Package Revealed

We arrived on Naboo the next day and rushed the package to Senator Padme Amidala.

"M'lady, we have a package for you."
"O my gosh, is that the cake I ordered?"
"I don't think so M'lady we don't generally get asked to deliver cakes."
"Well let's see."
She took the container and opened it.
"Yes, it is the cake I ordered, doesn't in look adorable? It will make the perfect pudding for the upcoming celebration.
"You mean to say we were delivering a cake! A job for delivery companies!"
"Well of course, Interstellar Couriers were like totally booked so I made a quick call and flaunted my power in the military to get someone to deliver it for me."

Well wasn't that great, delivery a cake is not the job of a major, I must bring this up at the next meeting.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Important Package to Deliver

Well I've had orders from high up to pick up a package on Tatooine and deliver it to Naboo. Yes, I find this a boring and unimportant task. But, it is obviously very important if they need a Major to deliver it.

I am currently on Tatooine and have the package in my possession, it is cylindrical in shape and is moderate in size. The previous owner of it works in a bakery and it was there that I took hold of the package.

"Hi there, how may I help you?"
"I'm here to pick up a package for Senator Padme, I believe it was request four days ago."
"Yes, I've been expecting you, I didn't expect such highly armed people though."
He went into some kind of storage room and came out carrying the package."
"Here we are, one order for Senator Padme."
"Thank you."

I wonder what it could be...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Major Success

The Separatist Armies have left after they were obliterated in the final battle on Kamino. After the last ship were seen jumping out of the system I jumped on board the first ship to Coruscant to make my report.

Major Blast was sitting at his solid oak desk as usual pouring over folder containing top secret military information.
"Good evening Rage."
"Good evening Sir."
"Great news about the victory on Kamino, now my superiors liked the way you handled the situation out there, and they have decided to make you a Major permanently."
"Is this a joke? I was promised that I would be a commando again after the mission."
"You'll get an office to yourself and your friends are more than welcome to help you in your jobs."
"Well.... I'll see how it goes then."

Monday, December 05, 2005

Guard Duty

This morning I was awoken from my sleep by a call from Noel; she had overlooked a minor detail for one of her restaurants that was to open today; the authentic guards were missing. She then proceeded to ask if Alpha Squad would be willing to be the guards, I wasn't looking forward to it but when she mentioned that they were royal guards from an ancient civilisation, I agreed.

We met in the kitchen at the restaurants where Noel was to give us the costumes and explain how we were to act.
"Ok, these guards once protected royalty many thousands of years ago."
"Yes, you mentioned that when you called."
"Did I? Well anyway the most remarkable thing about these guards is that they didn't move."
"What you sayin mon? We're not to move all day?"
"Well... to put it simply... yes. However there will be the "changing of the guard" every hour, but, as there are only three guards you guys will just walk into the kitchen and then march back out."

Well, if that wasn't bad enough she made us wear the most uncomfortable costumes ever.

At least we were getting paid, I hope we were, I forgot to ask.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Man the Drinks Men!

There's a raging party going down onboard Noel's resort ship, Sky City. We and the guys were there on the opening night. First we came dressed in our best, expecting a formal opening, champagne and caviar.

Well, we were wrong the lights were everywhere, or the fact that we were in the club might have been the reason. General Grievous was at his turntables scratching away, and half the population of Coruscant were dancing away. Within moments of taking this in we were adorning ourselves with our highly prized trinkets that we had concealed in our jacket pockets.
From then on we proceed to drink ourselves silly and put a severe dent in Noel's operating costs. The only bad part was when Grievous walked up to us and told us to stop singing as we were scaring away the party goers.