Sunday, December 11, 2005

Major Success

The Separatist Armies have left after they were obliterated in the final battle on Kamino. After the last ship were seen jumping out of the system I jumped on board the first ship to Coruscant to make my report.

Major Blast was sitting at his solid oak desk as usual pouring over folder containing top secret military information.
"Good evening Rage."
"Good evening Sir."
"Great news about the victory on Kamino, now my superiors liked the way you handled the situation out there, and they have decided to make you a Major permanently."
"Is this a joke? I was promised that I would be a commando again after the mission."
"You'll get an office to yourself and your friends are more than welcome to help you in your jobs."
"Well.... I'll see how it goes then."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folder containing Top Secret Information. HA! He was looking at this months copy of Play Driod.

A C3PO Without her Outer Layer!

I'M Shocked

12:48 pm  
Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Promotion and job reassignment can be a good thing, usually, though I guess it depends on where your office will be.

8:44 am  
Blogger flu said...

Major Rage?

That has a good ring to it, I guess. Congrats!

7:56 am  
Blogger Private Hudson said...

Oh man, does this mean you're gonna be driving a desk like all the other REMFs?

Game over.

10:10 am  
Blogger Commando: Rage said...

My office is probably going to be with all the other offices I imagine - I'm hoping for field work

8:58 pm  
Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Thats what I meant, if it's on a ship, not so bad. If it's in the middle of a building on Coruscant, well, not so much fun, and very little chance for field work.

8:23 am  

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